Juma Amazon Lodge - An exciting experience awaits you in the heart of the Amazon Rainforest
Floresta Amazônica - Manaus - Amazônia

Juma Amazon Lodge's Packages
Amazon Rainforest Touristic Packages

  • Garça(Full day)
  • Jaçanã(2 days / 1 night)
  • Arara(3 days / 2 nights)
  • Mutum(4 days / 3 nights)
  • Tucano(5 days / 4 nights)
  • Uirapuru(6 days / 5 nights, 1 overnight in the jungle)
  • Selva(6 days / 5 nights, 3 overnights in the jungle)

Juma Amazon Lodge's goal is to offer a real and unique experience in the untouched Amazon Rainforest. All trips are organized in small groups, allowing for a personalized package.
Closed itineraries, therefore, are not the rule. It is also important to note that the packages are subject to change, depending on weather conditions.

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