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Floresta Amazônica - Manaus - Amazônia


The capital of the state of Amazonas is a unique city. It is surrounded by the forest and one can find a duty free commerce and treasures of architecture that date back to the rubber-boom times.

Soon, it will be inaugurated the Juma Opera Hotel, designed in the “Belle Époque” style typical of the rubber-boom period in the late 19th Century. The hotel will be located facing the Amazonas Theater.

Manaus - Amazon Theater
Manaus - Amazon Theater

Amazonas Theater

Inaugurated in 1896, it is an architectural landmark of Brazil that often stages international attractions. Carlos Gomes has presented "O Guarani" and Enrico Caruso has sung "La Traviata" there.

Manaus - Amazon Theater

Customs Building and City Market

Other landmarks of the architecture of Manaus. The Customs Building has been pre-fabricated in England and the City Market is a reproduction in iron and colored stained glass windows of the Les Halles of Paris.

Floating Docks

Another construction from the rubber-boom times, of great architecture value.

(CIGS) Zoo

The Jungle War Instructions Center Zoo develops an impressive veterinarian work attending hurt animals found in the region, treating them and returning them to the jungle.

Rio Negro Palace

Wonderful construction made in 1917 by a rubber-baron. It has an interesting display about Amazon daily life and a modern sound and image museum.

Ponta Negra Beach

It has a urbanized beach-front with wide sidewalks, bike paths, bars and sports facilities, just 13km from downtown.

Provincial Palace

The Provincial Palace, built in 1874, houses the Numismatic Museum, the Museum of Image and Sound, the State Art Gallery, the Museum of Archaeology and the Tiradentes Museum.